Recovering from Locked Admin User

If you mistype the admin password and attempt to login in three times in a row the account will be locked. That is one reason it is highly recommended to have another account with administrative rights so the other account can be used to unlock the admin account and reset the password.

If the admin account is locked, but you know its password, simply restart Maestro and it will automatically be unlocked. Please see the instructions in the Starting and Stopping the Maestro Project Server section.

Recovering from a forgotten admin password using another administrative account

In the case of an admin account that is locked and its password has been forgotten perform the following steps:

Note: You must have another administrative account to perform these steps.

  1. Login as your other administrative user.
  2. After logging into to Maestro, click Users, then select the locked admin account by clicking on it.
  3. Uncheck the Locked User check box.
  4. If the password has been forgotten, you can enter a new password for admin. Enter the new password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes.
  5. Click Update.

Recovering from a forgotten admin password

In the case that you have also forgotten the password of the other administrative account or you don't have another account with administrative rights, you can delete the user database from the operating system, then when you start Maestro it will prompt you to set the password and other information for the admin account.

Note: All users will have to be manually added back to Maestro after this procedure.

  1. Stop the Maestro Project Server. For more information, see Stopping Maestro section.
  2. Delete the entire [maestro_home]/projectserver/data/databases/users folder. This folder contains only the database of your project server's users. The projects you have added in your project server and their build database will not be affected.
  3. Start the Maestro Project Server. For more information, see Starting Maestro section.
  4. Open the MPS Web interface and you will be asked to create an admin user account. Since the entire user's database has been removed, you will have to add the other users again.