DevOps Shrugged

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Who is John Galt?

As DevOps continues to be defined and debated, what is undeniable is that change is hard — as John Galt tried to show her, and as Dagny Taggart eventually conceded in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged — and especially so for large and distributed enterprise teams. DevOps evangelists are passionate about benefits and critics challenge origins, but the end of the DevOps discussion is the same; if we agree that more communication between developers and IT operations produces better software, then the discussion should focus on “How?”

As MaestroDev works with our customers and prospects, one consistent request of both our consulting work and our Maestro product is how to facilitate the best practices that are discussed in blogs, lunches, and sprints. So there is the question; How do we implement the DevOps ideas we have?

Rearden Metal

The answer is what we call DevOps Orchestration. Automating tasks and tools that span the DevOps lifecycle are a first step.  An extension of Continuous Integration and Delivery, it describes the automation of tasks insofar as they are set up the first time. But DevOps Orchestration also prescribes the “How” of daily interaction between groups. What is needed is a common location and mechanism to communicate and share the very best practices that DevOps promotes, and their unique details for each task, team, and project.

Galt’s Gulch

Maestro excels at DevOps Orchestration by providing a central location for this bi-directional communication and abstracting the logic away from the tools themselves with a tool-agnostic task-based mechanism which captures the “language” of DevOps interactions between developer, testing, and operations groups, and even allows manager approvals to interact with the automated processes. DevOps Orchestration accelerates the pace of change, fosters best practices, and removes friction from the best intentions of teams who, ultimately, agree on the same end-goals.

Maestro DevOps Orchestration automates your existing installed toolset from source code management through build, test, deploy, and environment management — all from a single screen. Ease-of-use gains alone promote DevOps adoption by making it easier to capture task details of all types in a single location for the author, but also because all other users know there is a single place to find / review / change task definitions and configurations. Great things can start from a single place.

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