Restructuring the Code

If you do decide to use Maven for your project, it it highly recommended that you go through the restructuring process to take advantage of the many time-saving and simplifying conventions within Maven.

For example, for the spring-core module, you would move all Java files under org/springframework/core and org/springframework/util from the original src folder to the module’s folder src/main/java.

All of the other files under those two packages would go to src/main/resources. The same for tests, these would move from the original test folder to src/test/java and src/test/resources respectively for Java sources and other files – just remember not to move the excluded tests (ComparatorTests, ClassUtilsTests, ObjectUtilsTests, ReflectionUtilsTests, SerializationTestUtils and ResourceTests).

By adopting Maven’s standard directory structure, you can simplify the POM significantly, reducing its size by two-thirds!

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